5 Simple ways to improve your gut health!✨

Many of my clients suffer from low energy, and need 3+ cups of coffee to get energy.
(And if you are in the same boat as me, the damn Corona Virus not only shook you up, but also rocked your world).

Why is this? What are some ways to positively counteract this dreaded fatigue? And what does THE RONA have anything to do with gut health?

Simple: Optimize your digestion and heal your gut, which has a DIRECT LINK to our immune system.

I bet the last thing you were even thinking about was your gut. Many think they just need a vacation, which is a WHOLE other conversation (helloooo, burnout).  But everything starts in the gut, including your energy levels.

Here’s what may be going down: 

  • You may be consuming foods that are tearing up your insides. Food sensitivities eat away at your gut lining which allows food particles to flow into your bloodstream and cause this fatigue affect. 

  • You may be over doing it at the gym/ at work. Stress plays a large role in our gut imbalance. Cut back on heavy exercise and focus on things like walking or hiking. This allows the body to focus its energy on the repairing process versus muscle and tissue repair.

  • Your daily/weekly stimulants (coffee/tea/wine) have taken their toll, and your gut hasn’t had an opportunity to repair due to daily indulgences.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Holy shiitake, THIS IS ME.” Don’t freak, dearest.

Here are 5 simple, and implementable tools to help your gut out.

1. Take a daily probiotic. Probiotics create an environment favoring a healthy-functioning gut with minimal inflammation.

2. Increase the amount of prebiotics (things like fermented veggies, kefir, and fresh miso) in your diet, as well as increasing the amount of probiotics (things like raspberries, leafy greens, and fibre heavy fresh produce).

3. Prioritize movement throughout your day. Incorporating micro-movements throughout the day, whether it be through dance, a walk, or a quick 20-minute workout, can benefit physical, mental, and gut health.

4. Get outside! one, nature has been shown to improve mental health by lowering anxiety, improving mood, and boosting self-esteem. Because of the gut-brain axis, improving mental health will have positive impacts on gut health as well.

5. Take a break from stimulants. Before you completely write this one off- hear me out- allowing your body to reset will massively impact your energy, focus, and overall physical well being. It doesn’t have to be for long, either! I personally only drink coffee Monday-Friday, and have wine only on Fridays or Saturdays, with some weekends opting for tea or kombucha all together! Plus not having the Sunday scaries from alcohol anxiety the night before is super nice, too.

While these practices are critical, the gut also has to take priority—for both immunity and overall health.

These steps are a really fantastic place to start.

Curious on how to heal your gut? Head over to the resources page on my website and grab your copy of Hack Your Weightloss: A guide for improving your gut health and losing body fat in the process!

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