Inspired Health Collective is for you if….

• You deeply desire to feel connected and safe inside your body

• You are READY to live a more intentional life which means dropping the guilt for rest, pleasure, and doing things for yourself!

• You want to remove the stress and guess work out of eating healthy.

• You want to learn how to manage your mind and let go of the perfectionism, burnt out, all or nothing mindset traps.

• Are looking to create feel good and supportive rituals that will ACTUALLY stick!

• Want and need a Community and Coach to witness and support you in your growth journey.

With the vibe of group coaching and the affordable cost of a monthly subscription, this is an easy and feel good decision.

This membership is for the woman READY to reconnect and deepen her relationship with herself, her body, her life, and most importantly, her health.

Every week you can expect new Holistic Health oriented content to take the guess work out of your health routine, habits, and rituals to support you, with a community (and a coach!!!) that is right beside you.

This is where shift happens.

An accessible, community oriented space which will house:

- Themed Monthly Coaching Calls

- Private Community Access Q+A

- Weekly Meal Prep Menu

- Tried + True Health Focused Recipes

- Exclusive Educational + Perspective Shifting Blogs

- Weekly Journal Prompts

Cost of Investment

$19.99 a month