Lean and Mean Shred Guide

What's up you beautiful human?! I know you're wanting to achieve goals, lose fat, and put on lean muscle BEFORE the summer..... I know that because I asked you what you needed help with, and that's the answer I got! 

 Enter: The Lean and Mean Shred Guide.

The Lean and Mean Shred Guide is a 20 week fitness program created with the busy badass in mind - YOU! All you need are dumbells, and a treadmill, so regardless if you're on the go and only have access to an apartment gym, or at a big box gym, you're set. Not only that, if you purchase the guide and need help along the way, I'll be making myself available for any and all fitness questions!

I know you want to get fit, this is the way!

I'm excited for this next part of your health journey, and excited you chose me to help you along the way! 

Always in Love and Light,



Cost: $97 

Let's Do This!

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